Kilkerran 12 ans

46% alc./vol.

André 87%
Au départ j’avais au nez certains embouteillages bourbon cask de Balvenie. Puis j’ai eu quelques effluves de tourbe qui sont apparues progressivement, ensuite des agrumes et du citron, des notes de sherry et de confiture de fruits, d’oranges, raisins secs et de miel. Ce qui m’étonne par la suite c’est la texture hyper huileuse du whisky, genre huile d’olives dans une assiette blanche qui roucoule sur la langue et dans le palais. La table est mise pour un buffet de saveurs exquises; agrumes, citrons, oranges, confiture de cerises, raisins secs, miel, vanille, ainsi qu’une discrète touche saline. Pas de toute sur la proportion de bourbon casks mais aussi avec la touche de sherry avec les saveurs livrées. Douce finale, lente et langoureuse, fruitée et finement tourbée. J’aime bien cette édition un peu hors norme du scope habituel des whiskies maritimes.

Patrick 91%
Un superbe whisky dont la tourbe tout en retenue lui permet de présenter un superbe bouquet de saveurs. J’adore, et la meilleure preuve est que ma bouteille s’est vidée sans que j’en aille conscience (certes, il s’agit ici d’un argument un peu circulaire). Nez : Légère tourbe florale et maritime, avec une touche boisée et un peu de vanille. Alléchant. Bouche : Fumée de tourbe florale délicate, un peu de sel, de la cendre et une bonne dose d’épices et de bois. Finale : D’une belle longueur, marquée par la fumée de tourbe.

Macallan Gold Double Cask

40% alc./vol.

André 76%
Eeech, it smells like virgin oak vanilla and greenish wood, French cream, oranges and a touch of citrus and dried fruits. The mouth is ugly, almost no texture, a lot of bourbon cask influences, greenish flavors, apple peels, oranges, all paired with a big delivery of sharp ginger. Dry and spicy finish, oak wood. Do we mix that with what? ... To be honest, I did not even finish my drink.

Patrick 79%
Well, here is how Macallan was able to bring back the "age statements": in rejuvenate the Gold! In short, a low-end whiskey, unworthy of the Macallan brand. Nose: Caramel, sherry and new make that does not seem too far. Palate: Always caramel, sherry, some wood and always the new make. Final: A little short, marked by the wood and the new make.

Kentucky Jack 3 years old

40% alc./vol.

André 85.5%
Nose a little lively, beautiful fruity well coated; red berries, cassonnade, cinnamon, lemon touch, black cherries, honey, vanilla. Simple but pleasantly built. The palate is limpid, a little diluted but the flavors defined successfully; wild berries, black cherries, cinnamon fish, licorice. It feels a bit more barrel burned final mouth and the youth of whiskey, stolen spice and cinnamon sharper too. Nice little discovery of Cretan holidays.

Jim Beam White Label (2010)

40% alc./vol.

André 87%
Just as typical as Jim Bram can do it; avalanche of red berries, cinnamon and red licorice, burnt barrel, oranges, vanilla, honey. Many influences of corn on the palate, interesting smoothness, beautiful sugar content that soothes the spices, we also take the charred of the barrel with notes of carbonized wood in the background, creamy vanilla, a touch of spices from rye too. With time, the texture becomes more waxy even if hyper fruit. Final of good length, pushed by the spicy waves of the rye a little earthy.

Craigellachie 19 years - Batch 78-SC33

46% alc./vol.
A highly confidential distillery, which has become the property of John Dewars & Sons (Bacardi) since 1998, Craigellachie was founded in 1891 by a colorful character: Peter Mackie. Creator of international commercial success, the White Horse Blend, Peter was one of five Barons of the whiskey industry, one of the famous "Big Five". His uncle, who he inherited later, is none other than James Logan Mackie, owner of the Lagavulin distillery on the island of Islay. Exclusive travel-retail.

André 91.5%
Wow, what a surprise ... Pleasant to the nose, beautiful gentle inviting and calm; Malted cereals topped with honey, pears, a hint of orange peel, red apple peel, pinch of ginger, Sugar Crisp cereals, vanilla covering a fine dry oak feel, pineapple, coconut, salad syrup cane fruit. The texture on the palate is superb, a little waxy and oily, the flavors harmonious and well arranged even if they are mainly the same as delivered by the nose. A beautiful tropical fruit salad, festive and evoking a lunch on a tropical beach. The finish is sweet with a slightly dry and spicy retro-olfaction. The version that reconciles us with this unknown distillery and which now displays great honors. A superb Malt from Speyside which displays an astonishing maturity and an exceptional balance.

Patrick 80%
Another demonstration that we must avoid traffic jams available only in travel-retail. The whiskey makes me think of a diluted version of 13 years, with certainly a little more complexity, but so less intensity. Nose: Very light perfume of malt, subtle fruit, vanilla and discreet oak. Mouth: Not a good first impression: I validated that the alcohol level was indeed 46%, so that it gives the impression of having been diluted to excess. In any case, it still tastes very good, with hints of honey, malt, oak, sweet spices, vanilla and citrus. Finish: Medium length, marked by oak.

Deveron 18 years

40% alc./vol.
Built in 1960 in the fishing village of Macduff, Deveron is the most northeastern distillery in Scotland. It is located where the Deveron River meets the sea, giving its whiskey a marine style, filled with fruity notes.

André 76%
Mix of caramel pears and oranges, vanilla and white flowers, still this sensation of sweet powder Bazooka gums. A bit flat as presentation and the nose offers nothing very attractive. The palate tastes a little weird metallic, crushed pepper and spices, the flavors of pears and oranges are faded and drowned in an amalgam of bizarre industrial and metallic flavors. The finish is short, peppery and spicy. A good reason to hide the whiskey in an almost opaque green bottle. Such a waste.

Patrick 86%
A superb whiskey that would be better known, rich and complex. I like, but & # @%, stop diluting my whiskeys! In this case, it makes the quality / price less interesting than it should have been. In short, at half the price, I recommend the 12 years without hesitation! Nose: It smells good ... It smells of sea, some sherry, apples and a subtle touch of "Social Tea" biscuits. Palate: Delicate, but not subtle, salt, sherry which is a little subtle, burnt wood, oranges, honey and some spices. The texture in the mouth suffers greatly from too much dilution. Finale: Of a beautiful length, smoke and fruity. I really like the flavor that I have left in my mouth.

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